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Our machine is a type of fridge which keeps liquids at supercooling state. It is the only device which is able to create supercooling effect in a permanent, consistent and stable way, at the exact moment you need it.


Any time you open the fridge, the liquid is there ready for you to impact & surprise your customer. For example,  creating "magic" in front of your clients by building a stalagmite instant ice in front of their eyes.

Our Supercooling Magic machine is of Japanese origin, using Japanese technology. Reliable and easy to operate. The machine creates all the "magic" in the bottles inside.

Our customers are using our technology to make creations like magic desserts and imposible cocktails & mocktails. Restaurant Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin Star & World Best Restaurant) and Paradiso Cocktail Bar in Barcelona (No20 World Best50Bars) are surprising their customers with supercooling technique.

We provide Technology through Science.  

You do Magic through gastronomy and mixology.

Watch Supercooling Magic by the pionner Jordi Roca at Celler de Can Roca (***Michelin Star and "World´s Best" Restaurant)

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