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Our Supercooling appliance uses state of the art technology from Japan, and is the world's first kitchen appliance to successfully achieve a stable, super-cooled state. Our machine preserves the liquid properties of water at around -6°C without freezing it. We have perfected the technology that delivers a unique taste and experience: cool, refreshing, magical, and absolutely delightful.


Supercooling is Magic.
 This magical appliance is able to keep  liquids (water, soda, cocktails, ice-cream, sorbet, champagne, cava, prosecco, sake, tea, coffee, juices...) at a very low temperature without freezing them.

The Magic appears either when you pour the liquid into other recipient, or upon impact (for example, introducing a spoon into the liquid, or dropping an olive into a cocktail).

This technology will bring value to your business and your customers. 

Magic Technology, from Japan to your kitchen & bar.

Jordi Roca from "El Celler de Can Roca" (Twice ranked No.1 in the World) in TVE Masterchef 4. Click for video.

Supercooling Machine is a unique kitchen appliance that allows you to access liquids at the Supercooling temperature exactly when you need it. Just open the door and the liquid is there waiting for your Magic and Creativity.

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